Masters of Blood and Bone Review

Masters of Bone and Blood - Craig Saunders

All the imagination of a Clive Barker novel in a succinct, easy-to-read package. All fun. Zero filler. Craig Saunders has done it again. 


Holland and Ank are two of the coolest, most lovable characters I've read. These two alone make the book hard as shit to put down. Add in the crazy, over-the-top fantasy/wizardry/mythology plot and you're bound to read this novel in a single sitting. The chapters are uber short, and Saunders's writing it lightning fast. But don't let the easy reading fool you. There's depth here. 


Yeah, this review is short. That's because I haven't a negative thing to say about this gem of a book. It glimmers with wit and originality. Highly recommended to fans of dark fantasy and anyone looking for a tale that hasn't been told a trillion times.


May I have a sequel, please? Thank you.  


In summation: A quote: "But does a book ever really end? Is there not, always, a story that exists somewhere, a thread, waiting for someone curious to come along and tug?"