Everything I Never Told You

Everything I Never Told You - Celeste Ng, Cassandra Campbell Mediocre? Duh, winning!

DNF @ 33% and here's why:

A novel should be about a) ordinary people in extraordinary situations, or b) extraordinary people in ordinary situations. Sometimes we get extraordinary/extraordinary and it's awesome. Sometimes we get ordinary/ordinary and we're bored.

These people are boring. Their lives are boring. The situation (even though it involves a dead girl) is boring. I simply do not care. As stated in previous updates, I've seen this premise in at least four different Lifetime Original Movies, and two other novels. It even has the red herring boyfriend. (Actually, that might not be true. The boyfriend could have very well killed her, but I've seen that a dozen times, too.)

33% in and I have absolutely no idea who the dead girl was (as in her personality, likes, dislikes, whether or not she liked burritos and bondage or chocolate and cunnilingus), other than she had a boyfriend (fuck buddy?) she kept hidden from her parents. I know every detail about the parents and how they met, but I just... Tom Cruise, I hate being repetitious, but I just don't care.

How in John Cleese's swollen colon did this book make a Top Anything list? Even if there's some unique twist toward the middle or end I'm not chancing finishing it. I read for the journey, and I've been down this road too many times before.

It even has the overused boat-drifting-in-the-lake scene. *sigh*

In summation: A novel should be entertaining, an escape, anything other than a boring newspaper article, which is what this felt like. Everything I Never Told You is my first true disappointment of 2015. Screw you, Amazon, for recommending this study in mediocrity.