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Four Past Midnight - Stephen King

I'm thinking Ardelia Lortz can be catagorized in the same family as Derry's resident dancing clown. 


Kingverse spoilers ahead...



The Library Policeman is a creature that can shapeshift; one that hibernates or "goes to sleep for a time", and survives by feeding off fear. It also creates a web-like substance, which it uses to wrap itself in a cocoon. 


I'm thinking all these prime evils (the Tommyknockers, Pennywise, the Library Policeman, Leland Gaunt, etc...) are the creatures King refers to as the Prim in the Dark Tower series.


Another similarity within the Kingverse is Ardelia's tusk-like proboscis, which is also seen on the Night Flier ("The Night Flier") and True Knot member Rose the Hat (Doctor Sleep).

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