Darkly Dreaming Dexter Review

Darkly Dreaming Dexter  - Jeff Lindsay

This is going to be a short review.

I've heard people say that the books are better than the series, but I don't agree. I think they are equally enjoyable, and given how much they branch away from each other come season two/book two, it's easy to call them completely different monsters. The show goes off the rails around season four, and the books become illogical after book two, but both the series are fun, to a point. The final season of the Showtime series was such a disappointment that it is offensive to most fans of the show. I prefer to imagine a world without Dexter Season 8, so I'm rereading the novels. I haven't read the two newest books, Double Dexter and Dexter's Final Cut, and I haven't listened to the audio books at all. Let the journey begin!

Note on the narration: I love books narrated by their authors. This one is no different. Jeff Lindsay does a fantastic job. In fact, the book (story) itself gets three stars, while the narration gets five. Thus we have the four stars you see above.

In summation: Fans of the show will find a hell of a surprise at the end of this book, as I was shocked to see certain characters living past season one of the Showtime series. I say this because there are quite a few people out there who say, "I've seen the movie/television show. Why should I read the book?" Well, this time around, they are very different. At least at the end they are. To say anything else would be to give up massive spoilers.

Final Judgment: Different is as different does.