Dearly Devoted Dexter Review

Dearly Devoted Dexter  - Jeff Lindsay

Second day of my Dexter Morgan marathon and Book Two is done. Have I mentioned how much I love Audible's x3 narration speed? Well, it really isn't x3, as an eight hour book still took four hours to listen to, but it's still a quick way to barrel through a series of short books.

This is the point where I started enjoying the show more than the novels. Doakes has a much better role in the Showtime series. Of course, this is solely my opinion. I do understand why the Showtime series decided to go a separate route. There's not much meat on this bone. While this book is just as long as the first, significantly less happens. The books get longer after this one, which is a very good thing in my eyes.Dearly Devoted Dexter is probably my least favorite addition to Lindsay's series. Mind you, I have not read Double Dexter or Dexter's Final Cut, therefore I have no inkling as to the quality of those two books.

Sorry, but the main issue I had with this book is a spoiler. Click at your own risk:

My biggest problem with this one is the utter absurdity around the 75% mark. You have a man who's recently had pieces of himself lopped off, but he puts off medical treatment in an attempt to catch a killer. I'm talking a leg. From the knee down. Cut off. Gone. We're not dealing with simply a chopped off finger (though he suffers from that, too), or a flesh wound, but the entire lower half of his leg. My suspension of disbelief was skullfucked into oblivion from that moment on.

(show spoiler)

Aside from that, Dearly Devoted Dexter is one of the funnier books in the series due to the main baddie, Danko, and Dexter's musings about the psycho's work. I could quote this book for ages, but I don't want to spoil some of the darkly humorous lines. Suffice it to say, if you have a twisted sense of humor like me, you should still enjoy this one.

In summation: Ludicrous happenstance and character actions aside, this one's pitch black humor is well worth the journey. Doakes is horribly nerfed, and had a much better storyline in the show. Lindsay's narration is still fantastic. Five stars for the audio book performance, and two stars for the tale. Three stars overall.

Final Judgment: Ain't no party like a yodeling potato party 'cause a yodeling potato party don't quit!