Question Time!

You are given a box. The box has a half that is made of an unbreakable see-through material, and in this half lays a million dollars, or your country's currency equivalent. The other half of the box is not see-through in the slightest. The only opening in this box is in the dark portion, meaning you can reach in, but you will not be able to see what awful things could happen to your hand. 


The chances are 50/50 that you will lose whatever appendage you choose to stick inside of the box. For the sake of argument, the box is impenetrable. No matter what you do to it, you CANNOT get inside unless you use the hole in the dark half. There is some kind of sensor that can tell flesh from inanimate objects, so you can't use Grandma's Grab-it, either. You are at home and there is no medical personnel on hand. 


(UPDATE: No matter what, whether you lose a hand or not, you get the million.)


What do you do?