Storage 24 Movie Review

Remember Mickey from Doctor Who? Yeah, well, his name is Noel Clarke and he fancies himself a screenwriter. In fact, I fancy his screenwriting very much indeed. This little creature feature was a lot of fun, if a little nonsensical at times, but the writing was damn good for a low-budget horror outing and you kinda watch movies like this because they're a bit silly.


I hated the people I was suppose to hate, liked the ones I was suppose to like, felt conflicted about the ones... yeah, you get the picture. The acting is above average, but Noel Clarke kinda steals the show. I liked him all right as Mickey in DW, but he's fantastic in this one. Dude can act. Bravo.


Storage Wars... er... Storage 24 does have problems with believability and predictability in the last quarter of its runtime. I had an issue believing that these intelligent folks thought bottle rockets would make this monster sneeze much less explode. The doggie was cute and funny, though, and I give Noel Clarke props for not taking a movie like this too seriously. I would have liked to see more likable characters die. The only people who bit it were "bad" or "annoying" folks. That's okay, I suppose, but it makes your movie horribly predictable. 


In summation: Storage 24 doesn't do a whole lot new, but the writing and the acting is top notch for a film like this. If you think you'd like a hyper-violent episode of Doctor Who without the Doctor making an appearance, toss this flick a watch. 


Final Judgment: Better than an episode of Storage Wars: Chernobyl.