A Pissy Situation Resolved

This post might be a little more than some people can stomach. I'm sharing this as a cautionary tale to book collectors.


So, last year, I purchased a first trade edition Lisey's Story at one of the local flea markets for $7. That's a quarter of the cover price. Score! I got it home and put it on the shelf. Where it stayed until last week.


The perpetrator in disguise:



Then, last week, while cataloging my first editions, I took it off the shelf. I immediately smelled something... off. You see, last year, I was a smoker. Smokers have notoriously shitty senses of smell. So I missed this...


The perpetrator unmasked!



That stain is, as far as I can tell, infected urine. It has a reddish tint to it, and it smells like a UTI. Gloves were worn, and everything this book has touched has been thoroughly scrubbed. It's been in a bag for the past week while I investigated ways of cleaning it. Why yes, yes I am a moron. Don't judge me. But, today, it goes into the trash, because...


The perpetrator's replacement was found hiding at my favorite UBS!



That one on the bottom is a flawless first trade edition of Lisey's Story. I was able to purchase this lovely book for $4, three bucks less than my pissy version. 


So, boys and girls, lesson learned. Always pull the dust jacket off your books before you leave the store. 


This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the letter E.