The Talented Mr. Ripley Review

The Talented Mr Ripley - Patricia Highsmith

This one didn't work for me at all. For one, I think this is the first time I will ever say the following words. The movie adaptation is far more powerful than the book. Matt Damon was likable as Ripley. The Ripley in this book was fucking boring. Also, there's a character in the movie that is not in the book, and I think he made all the difference, even if he wasn't the center of attention. His character made for a much more interesting and emotional ending. Luckily, I read this after having seen the film over a decade ago, because had I read the book first I'd have no desire to watch the film, and that would have been a sad thing.

Another problem I had with The Talented Mr. Ripley has nothing to do with this book. I rate my read based on experience. Unfortunately, this experience was ruined by me having had a Jeff Lindsay/ Dexter Morgan marathon last week. It is glaringly obvious that Dexter was modeled after Highsmith's formula, which makes me what to go back and drop my ratings of each Dexter novel. I dislike coincidence as a plot device. Let me clarify: I do not mind coincidence in books. It is a part of real life. But when your entire plot balances on coincidence (getting away with crime after crime because of some fortuitous circumstance), my give-a-fuck drowns like a passenger on the Titanic. That is me. That is my subjective opinion.

I read this book because it was on this list:

I'll be reading everything on that list.

In summation: Patricia Highsmith died in 1995, so I'm sure she won't take offense to me disliking her creation. She was a great writer, but this one wasn't for me.

Final Judgment: Suck my Dickie.