Netflix: Marvel's Daredevil First Impression


Along comes a series to wipe out the detriment to society that was 2003's Daredevil, which starred the uber-jawed Ben Affleck in the titular role, and I gotta say, this new Daredevil is... meh. In comparison, Marvel's Daredevil is Citizen Kane to Affleck's Toxic Avenger, but that doesn't make it good. I think a lot of people will love this simply because it doesn't star Bennifer Part Deux, and that's really too bad.


Let's get the personal shit out of the way. I hate the actor who plays Foggy. He's got the acting chops of Rodin's Thinker, and I kept wishing that his mother would come out of the shadows to wash his fucking hair. Every time he had a "serious" scene he looked like he wanted to burst out laughing, as if he kept making up the funniest shit in his head and didn't bother sharing it with anyone else. It was annoying and distracting, and I disliked every scene with him in it. He also has a punchable face, at least for me he does. One of those mugs that simply makes me want to do violence. And I'm a pretty amiable motherfucker. 


Personal shit out of the way, there's problems with the actual show. Unfortunately, the biggest problem being Daredevil's Wolverine-like self-healing capabilities. I never read the comic books. If this is a thing that exists (him being able to completely heal all facial wounds just by sleeping through the night), my bad. If this is never explained in the show, shame on them. Because Daredevil gets the brakes beaten off him and is no worse for wear come the next day. At one point he's literally spitting blood into a rain puddle, but the next day he doesn't have so much as a split lip. This, more so than even Foggy's shit performance, kinda ruined things for me. 


Furthermore, I do not want a league of Daredevil fanboys befalling me, screaming their arguments of "He can heal himself in the comics!" because I don't give a fuck. I have not read the comics, so the show should explain this. Fugoff!


Will I continue watching? Yeah. Overall, I don't hate it , only Foggy. I dug the fight scenes. They were stylistic while being somewhat believable, and I like the cat who plays Murdock. He's just the right mix of cocky and humble. 


In summation: I'm hoping this series will grow on me as it shuffles through its growing pains. I hope that Foggy dies a brutal death at the hands of sexual deviants, and that the Pepper Pots wannabe becomes more than just a damsel-in-distress character, 'cause, for real, the actress who plays her is great, but the character herself is kinda one note.


Final Judgement: Unexplainably punchable with self-healing capabilities.