Netflix: Marvel's Daredevil Episode Two


Imagine someone's pissing in your face. When this someone stops pissing in your face, you appreciate that you're not longer being pissed on. That is this show. It's never really good, but it does stop pissing in your face every once and a while.


It's painfully obvious at this point that I'm going to have to forcibly suspend all disbelief if I am to continue on with Marvel's Daredevil. Truth be told, I'm only carrying on because of the fight scenes. The action is swell, even if the rest of the show is utterly illogical.


Direct quote from Facebook regarding my reaction to the opening scenes of this episode:


"Who the fuck in New York City (Hell's Kitchen especially), or anywhere else for that matter, pulls a bleeding stranger out of a goddamn dumpster and takes them into their home so they can nurse them back to health? Anybody, and I mean ANYBODY, else would have either called 911 or left him to die. The logic of this show is nonexistent."


Well, they tried to explain why, and that only made me dislike this show more.


I'm notorious for hating all things coincidental in fiction if coincidence is the thing the entire plot depends on. In this second episode, Rosario Dawson's character Clare is jammed into the storyline thusly: Daredevil, beaten and bloody, ends up in a dumpster located just outside of Clare's apartment building. Clare just so happens to be a nurse. Clare also just so happens to be the same nurse who worked on the guys Daredevil beat up in the first episode. She also just so fucking happens (do you see a pattern yet?) to be the nurse who helped a girl that Daredevil saved...


*bashes head against keyboard*




I want to like this. All my friends like it. All my discerning friends like it. I'm trying my damnedest to give it the benefit of the doubt. I will watch up until Episode Four before quitting because a friend told me there might be something at the end of that episode that I'll enjoy.


By the way, Daredevil doesn't have superhuman healing powers. He can just take a lot of punishment without so much as a bruise the next day... or, you know, whatever. Also, Clare fixes his collapsed lung with a goddamn IV cannula and he's all better in under an hour. So much so that he can go all Oldboy on a group of child smugglers. 


This fucking show is stupid. But the action is fun. It's the superhero movie Michael Bay would direct if he didn't have the budget for explosions. 


Oh, and I did dig the ode to Oldboy. That scene in the hallway was impressively shot. If it wasn't all one take, the editor needs some kind of fucking award.


In summation: No logic was harmed during the filming of this show because it was absent during the writing of the script. 


Final Judgment: Are we sure this isn't a DC Comic's property?