Today in GREAT SHIT!


If you're anything like me, you hate BAD SHIT. Nowadays, loads of BAD SHIT is searchable on the internet and plastered all over the news. These are you're empty-headed-egotist celebs and your infomercials for products that make straining spaghetti in a colander look like bloody rocket science. BAD SHIT - Ain't nobody got time for that!


As of this day, Tax Day, April 15th, Year of Our Lord Tom Cruise Two Thousand One and Five, a day notorious for BAD SHIT, I give you lovely beshitted shittlings some GREAT SHIT to dish upon. 


SAFE PASSAGE is some GREAT SHIT where veterans ensure that children who have to walk through Chicago's roughest neighborhoods just to get to school do so in safety. Keep up that GREAT SHIT, vets. You rock!


This has been some GREAT SHIT. 


Hugs and high fives,