Today in GREAT SHIT! #3


If you're anything like me, you hate BAD SHIT. Nowadays, loads of BAD SHIT is searchable on the internet and plastered all over the news. These are you're empty-headed-egotist celebs and your infomercials for products that make straining spaghetti in a colander look like bloody rocket science. BAD SHIT - Ain't nobody got time for that!


Do you like animals and SHIT? Conservation is GREAT SHIT. Poaching and hunting for sport is BAD SHIT. Gotta feed your family? Kill a deer and eat for a year. Need a trophy? Take up hockey! 


We haven't seen a new baby bison in almost two hundred years. That is UNTIL NOW! Chi-town is in the news today because they be birthing bison, yo! (Translation: The Nature Conservatory in Chicago has confirmed the birth of the first baby bison since 1830.) That's some GREAT SHIT, lemme tell ya. 


Hugs and high fives!