AMAZING SCORE! #bookporn

This is, hands down, the luckiest I've ever gotten on Ebay. I was looking for a copy of Firestarter for my shelves when I came across a Buy-It-Now for $6. I figured it was a newer book club edition, you know, because of the price... but then I saw the picture of the back cover. There was an ISBN number on the back. Book club editions don't have ISBNs number lines. They either have UPC barcodes or they have nothing at all. And then I read in the description about the shelf wear on the dust jacket. ISBN number... no barcode... obviously an old book... six dollars with free shipping... Shit, why not, right?




Here she is. This is a true first edition. It has the orange cloth binding on the spine, the original 625 Madison Avenue address for The Viking Press, and it has the original price of $13.95 on the front flap of the dust jacket.



Now all I need is 'Salem's Lot. I'm bidding on one right now. We'll see how it goes...