Starry Eyes Movie Review

This will more than likely make some kind of Best of 2015 list, at least where I'm concerned. I love stories about the seedy side of Hollywood. I fucking adore films that do not give up all their secrets within the first ten minutes. And I dig the shit out of slow burns that go from zero to sixty in the blink of an eye. Starry Eyes is all this and more.


Hot damn, but I had a load of fun with this film. First, it will make you dreadfully uncomfortable. I'm not talking about Bad Grampa/Jackass-awkward kind of uncomfortable, but that kind of uncomfortable where you grope for your significant other while chomping the nails of your other hand. Starry Eyes has atmosphere, it has a story, it has a wide variety of believable, three-dimensional characters, even if some are cliches. It has one of the fiercest, goriest, cringe-inducing denouements in recent memory. And when shit starts going wrong, it goes horribly, terribly wrong. 


I didn't quite understand the very last death scene. Not sure what happened or how a certain person died, but oh well. The rest of the film makes up for any small problems I might have had. 


In summation: The only word of warning I'd give you I have already stated. This is a slow burn. Hang in there. It all pays off. 


Final Judgment: A star is born.