The Old Man and the Sea

The Old Man And The Sea - Ernest Hemingway

I'm not a huge fan of Hemingway's, but I enjoy this book. Like many of you, I first read it in school. I listened to it this time because I happened to stumble upon it while perusing Audible and saw that Donald Sutherland narrated this particular version. I definitely recommend his performance.

The Old Man and the Sea is a classic morality tale concerning seeing through to the end anything that you begin. If this old man can hang in there, so can you, and even when you're beaten, all is not lost.

In summation: A great audiobook for a great little novel (novella? whatever...). This book has its fans and its detractors in equal amounts. Some are bored to death while reading it. Others tout it as the bestest thing in all the land. I say it's worth a read, and then you decide for yourself.

Final Judgment: Spencer Tracy isn't Cuban.