Animal Farm Review

Animal Farm - Ralph Cosham, George Orwell

I am a self-proclaimed Cynical Optimist. I damn-well expect the worst out of my fellow human beings, but I hope like hell they'll prove me wrong. That is why I appreciate this book.

You will learn more about human nature by reading about these animals than you're likely to be privy to in a thousand other books. Classism, racism, sexism... it's all here. War, famine, disease... yup, present and accounted for.

Oh, and if you're a dark bastard like me, there's plenty of humor mixed in for good measure. The kind of humor where the laughter dies after a moment because you realize it's only funny because you can relate. And you can only relate because you've seen this shit happen time and time again. But we laugh because laughing helps ease the pain.

This kinda/sorta review is for the Audible edition, so I will make note of the quality. It's good. I truly enjoyed the narrator's performance of Boxer.

In summation: One of those classics that deserves its spot in the history books.

Final Judgment: Some animals are more equal than others.