Bittersweet Book Haul #bookporn

Bad news first. Some waste of space stole my son's tablet out of our vehicle while we were out today. My daughter put it in the pocket behind the driver's seat, and when we got home, we realized it wasn't there. The screen's cracked and the usb port barely works, but Chris loved it. Chris is handling it well, but Autumn (my daughter) is really torn up over it. She feels responsible. I understand that, but it's just a thing. I've lost plenty of things. Things can be replaced. Speaking of things being replaced...


The positive side of today is, we had an amazing day out. Autumn snagged the second Percy Jackson book, Chris got a Paw Patrol board book, Chelle (my wife) got some new shirts (sexy stuff, I might add), and I scored a piece of history at a used book store that I later traded to an antique book dealer for this gem...



That, my friends, is a first edition 'Salem's Lot. This treasure is also the final piece of my collection. I now own a first edition of every one of King's books. All 63 of them. Some are in better conditions than others, some are later printings, but they are all the same editions that once graced my mother's shelves so many years ago. This makes me smile. 


Finally, I grabbed a bunch of clearance-rack items at BAM. Here's the entirety of today's haul. From top to bottom:


Moby Dick - $3

Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson #2) - $8

'Salem's Lot - I'd rather not say :)

Palisades Park - $5

The Interestings - $5



Now to get the boy child a new tablet... 


Take care of yourselves.