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Undertow - Michael Buckley

We've finally hit the Alpha's camp and I gotta say, I'm not impressed. The design seems ripped straight from District 9, to the point that they have some of the same interactions with the creatures as the characters in District 9 had with the Prawn. The Alpha even scavenge human trash to create new weapons and structures. It's just too damn similar for my liking.


I also have a problem with the housing situation. It's been harped on that Alpha do not like things over their heads, that they don't like roofs of any kind because the ocean, where they come from, of course has no ceiling. Now, why would a species of people (or whatever) build any kind of structure with a roof if they don't like them and some of them are even terrified of anything over their noggins? The only open environment is their makeshift church. 


You're losing me, Buckley.