Questioning Things of Ambiguous Intelligence .

So I'm watching a commercial for Taco Bell's newest breakfast sandwich, which is a biscuit in the shape of a taco that is filled with eggs, cheese, and bacon. I'm not talking about their Waffle Taco, or their AM Crunchwrap, but their "new" Biscuit Taco.


Comments in the commercial range from how jaw-droppingly original and game changing this new sandwich is, and I gotta wonder how fucking stupid Taco Bell's ad people think the human race has become. 


It's a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit, only the biscuit is shaped differently. It isn't like they used quail eggs, moose bacon, and manatee cheese. It's the same old boring egg product, cooked and reheated bacon, and something called "Processed Cheese Food."


Anyway, how do you feel about this? Does it not matter to you in the least? Do you feel Taco Bell knows its audience and understands they're all really too stupid to catch on to the fact that this is just any other fast food biscuit sandwich only in a different shape. Or do you feel like they're insulting your intelligence? 


I rate this up there with infomercials that make straining spaghetti look like you need a doctorate to accomplish, and cleaning up soda with a towel only causes more soda to appear, as if a wash cloth is a gateway to another dimension wherein the supply of cola is endless unless the breach is closed with a goddamn Sham Wow!


Leave your comments below, and maybe we can get some group therapy from this nonsense.


*hugs and high fives*