In the Tall Grass Review

In the Tall Grass - Stephen King, Joe Hill

(Note: This is an old review that I'm adding to my Booklikes account. Not sure if I feel the same why now as I did when I first reviewed it, but this gives me a point of reference should I choose to  revisit it.)


"In the Tall Grass" is one of the more disturbing tales I've read. This is the first Stephen King story, or Joe Hill story for that matter, that actually turned my stomach. The writing is vivid, filled with brutal simplicity that drives the horror home. I didn't feel all that attached to either Cal or Becky, but what Becky goes through in the later part of this short story would crush the heart of any parent. No, not just crush. Decimate.

This is also the first collaboration of father and son where I was able to pinpoint which author wrote what sections. I've come to know Hill's work well enough that I can catch certain sentence structures he commonly uses. I couldn't imagine writing such a piece with my son or daughter, but these two pulled it off.

"In the Tall Grass" garnered five stars simply for affecting me as much as it did. I will never forget this story.


(Side note: I say in the review that I gave this story five stars, but I actually only gave it four on Goodreads. Odd...)