Douchebaggery and Asshattery

What the fuck is wrong with the world?


Have you heard about the Duggar boy? Not sure what number he is, but he's admitted to molesting his younger sisters. Now the Walking Womb and Ol' Swingin' Dick Pa Duggar are saying there are other families who've said they've had similar "issues". 


Issues? Fucking... ISSUES? We're talking the molestation of children by a seventeen-year-old boy and this talking sperm bank says the family has had issues? I can't fathom the fuckery afoot in that household for the father (or any human of a sound mind) to think there is anything even remotely natural about a teenage boy of seventeen playing doctor with his little sisters.


Curiosity is when you're three and you play with your dick in front of Mom while she's helping you put your shorts on the right way. Curiosity is being a thirteen-year-old boy and shoving a shampoo bottle up your ass because V05 makes a nice streamline bottle. Curiosity is being a fifteen-year-old girl and kissing your best friend because she wants to practice for her boyfriend and you wondering why you're sitting in a puddle. 


At seventeen, you can drive. You can graduate high school. You can start college. You can kill someone and get the chair. 


My point is this: He knew what he was doing, and the parents should not be defending him in any way. I didn't think I would see something like this in this day and age. Back when I was growing up people had the uncle they kept the kids away from or the neighbor whose lawn you couldn't play on... but in 2015 we're condoning the molestation of children? Not a lot of shit floors me anymore, but this... this bullshit has me reeling.