Jurassic World Movie Review


I don't know why I expected a smart summer blockbuster. I most definitely did not expect to hate this movie as much as I did. I enjoyed the science and action of the first two films, and would even go as far as saying I liked the travesty that is Part 3 more than this latest journey to Isla Nublar.


JURASSIC WORLD is a terrible mess that was obviously rushed through post production. I've seen better cinematography on NCIS and better script writing on SyFy Original Movies. None of the photography team seemed to know how to frame a shot, and all the action is basically a clusterfuck of CGI thrown at your face for several minutes at a time, and then rinse, repeat. Chris Pratt was even underwhelming. Bryce Dallas Howard deserves the Over-Actor of the Year Award. Some of her acting was truly awful. I'm talking high school theater bad. Pornography bad. The movie is nothing but one illogical scenario after another held in place by the necessity of the next illogical happenstance. None of the character motivations make any sense and the science was more fantasy than sci fi. Worst movie I've seen this year. Worst big budget movie I've seen since Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon.


Two different families walked out of my showing. Hell, we almost left after one section of dialogue was so poorly edited together the sync of audio-to-lip movement was off. Alas, we stayed and finished it. First time in forever I've wanted my money back after the end of a film.


In summation: Go into this with zero expectations and a bucket of buttery corn and you should at least enjoy your food. 


Final Judgment: All animals react peaceably to one another if they're of the same species, right? That's science, right?