The Girl on the Train DNF Review

Dziewczyna z pociągu - Paula Hawkins

Decline to rate. DNF @ 50 pages, but I only actually read maybe 35 pages.

I have a 15 or 50 Rule. If you're a film, you get 15 minutes to pique my interest. If you're a book, you get 50 pages to engage me.

Well, sports fans, I am not engaged. The book might be brilliant, but I can't be bothered. After thirty pages of rambling and not getting anywhere, I started to skim. I rarely skim. Skimming is a sign that something is wrong.

Bad part is, there's nothing really wrong with this book. There's nothing really right either. There are words. The author wrote stuff. Loads of people like the words the author wrote, so I'm sure there must be a reason for all these words. The problem is that, after 35 pages read, and 15 skimmed, I see no point of continuing. So I'm not. There. Problem solved.

In summation: I guess this is so long. Farewell. Alvetersain. Good bye.

Final Judgment: Anyone wanna buy a brand new hardcover?