The Murderer's Daughter Review

The Murderer's Daughter: A Novel - Jonathan Kellerman

For those of you looking for a thriller, don't look here. I know, I know, it's being marketed as a thriller and a known thriller author wrote it, but it's not a thriller. If you're planning on reading this and expecting a taut read full of suspense and grisly shenanigans, you will be sorely disappointed. Still, the book's damn good. Let me tell you why.

The Murderer's Daughter is a character-driven piece of literature that focuses on the past and present of psychologist Dr. Grace Blades. She's a broken individual who uses her own issues to help others. She's also hyper sexual and totally comfortable in her own skin. No slut shaming in this book. Lady gets down tobidness, lemme tell you, and never apologizes. I appreciate Kellerman writing a woman such as Grace without once giving the reader the feeling that she should be judged for digging a bit of the three Fs: find em, fuck em, and forget em. Well done.

But where this novel truly shines is the backstory. Kellerman effortlessly hops from present day to Grace's childhood and upbringing. These flashbacks were my favorite parts. Smiles were had. Tears were shed. As Yoda would say, a very engaging structure this book has. (Be honest, you read that in Yoda's voice, didn't you?) Every time you begin to grow bored with Grace's present-day duties, Kellerman pops you into the past. Without these travels through time, The Murderer's Daughter wouldn't have been nearly half as entertaining.

My only complaints are very minor. In fact, one complaint I have holds no bearing on the content of the book. The title of the novel is crap and the cover is garbage. That's my biggest complaint. If I saw that title with that cover showcased at Books-a-Million or in a thumbnail on Amazon I'd navigate right past it without a second glance. It doesn't fit the content. My second complaint is that some of Grace's internet scouring and conversations get a bit long winded. I found myself checking the progress bar on my Kindle app during most of these scenes. The driving directions were equally boring. Other than that, the book is rad.

Finally, the ending is pretty brutal, and the final chapter is brilliant. Hell of a way to close out a damn fine story.

In summation: I'm a newbie to the world of Kellerman but this novel has me wanting to tackle his back catalogue. The Murderer's Daughter was so much more than what I was expecting. This guy can write, and that's such a rare thing in a genre polluted with Patterson clones.

Final Judgement: No such thing as deserve