Ruminating On: Paid Reviews

Dear Authors,


Fiverr reviewers are the street hookers of the reviewing world. Kirkus would be the high-priced escorts. They're both gonna charge you. One's cheaper. One is of a higher quality. One is more socially acceptable. Both will lie for you about the quality of your output.


Either way, you're still paying someone to pay attention to you. 


There are plenty of reviewing platforms that do not charge money. Both in the big leagues and the minors. You don't have to settle, but you must do your research and have patience. When readers read reviews, they look through a mixture of both positive and negative reviews. All positives is just as bad for you as all negatives. Purchasing 100 five-star reviews is likely hurting more than it is helping. I know some readers (myself included) who only read negative reviews because we know five-star reviews usually cannot be trusted. I'm even too liberal with my fives, especially on something I'm fanboying over.


My point is this: You can legally pay for reviews just like you can take a trip to Amsterdam and legally pay for sex. You can buy at a street hooker level, or splurge for a classy call girl, but you're still paying for affection that you will likely be the only one to enjoy. Why not meet a nice person, settle down, and enjoy a lifetime of experiences? This is the comfort and security real readers and reviewers provide. 


As long as authors keep buying reviews, these liars will keep selling them. And as long as they're getting paid, they'll keep flooding the market with bullshit reviews we cannot trust. Sooner or later, the review system will shatter under the weight of false reviews and will become as meaningless as Donald Trump's run for president. No one will take them seriously, at any level. 


Those are my thoughts on the matter. As always, conversation is welcome in the comment section. Rage is not.


*hugs and high fives*