Beta Read needed TODAY

I have a project going to editing tomorrow. I just received my betas back and the readers had conflicting opinions. Meaning, I still don't know if a certain thing will be an issue with the majority of readers or not. 


So, does anybody have time to read a 13,000 word story (about 50 pages) and get back to me TODAY? Sorry for the bold italics, but I cannot stress enough how badly I need this back before tomorrow. 


I can't give too many specs on the project because it's needs to remain at least semi secret. I can say it is horror. It has vulgar humor and extreme gore throughout. If you do not like those things, you need not apply. If that's your cuppa, hit me up.


I'm looking for horror fans. The piece is tribute to the genre and I want to know if all the gags work. If more than one person is interested, I might consider giving out a second beta copy, but no more than two. 


I need brutal honesty on content. Remember, the story has not been edited so no need to comment on the typos you find. It's clean, but I'm sure it's not perfect. If you choose to mark edits, you should know that the work you do might end up being edited out. I don't want you to waste your time, so only comments on content, please.


Comment on this post or email me at 


Thanks in advance.