Randomized Randomocity #170

This post and posts like it are exactly why I created Randomized Randomocity. Sometimes my brain has ideas and explanations that do not fit anywhere else. This is one of them.


I'm surfing Twitter when I start seeing complaints about a recent boxing match that lasted less than a minute. One such tweet said, "Glad I didn't pay $60 on PPV to see it." Another such tweet, which oddly enough was not in response to the aforementioned tweet, said, "Imagine paying for tickets to the actual fight? How pissed would you be?"


In retaliation to these tweets, several individuals have tweeted that there's no way to guarantee the length of a boxing match without fixing the outcome. That, of course, would be cheating. 


But then I says to myself, I says, "Self, isn't that why fighters have to move up the line to take on certain opponents? Isn't that why there are different classes and weights and measurements and ring girls? To keep the fights fair and even? To make the matches last as long as possible? Okay, maybe not the ring girls, but you get what I mean, Self. Self, don't argue with me!"


But I digress. I know dick about boxing, other than it's a sweet science where the science experiments involve judging how many times the other guy can get slammed in the face with a padded fist and stay conscious. I just think that the former tweeters have a point. $60 is a lot to pay for less than a minute of coliseum-style entertainment. Especially when lions aren't part of the show. At least the people who paid to be in the crowd had the chance to catch a tooth or get showered with blood and spittle.


*hugs and high fives*