Randomized Randomocity #171

If you already know about Amazon Household you can stop reading right here.


My wife found this nifty feature for Amazon Prime members. Amazon Household - for my family at least - is a dream come true. Now we can all share the massive Kindle, Audible, and music libraries I've accumulated over the past couple of years. For us, it makes the $99 a year worth it. Add to that the fact that Amazon Instant Video has Hannibal, Carnivale, and Boardwalk Empire and I'm a happy dude. Hell, I might drop Netflix for a few months. The icing on the cake? Yup, the free two-day shipping.


I don't know if Prime is worth the cost to an individual or a couple without kids, but to a family of four that loves to read and binge watch television shows, Prime is a no-brainer.


I know this post sounds like an advert, but Amazon isn't paying me to say this. Just thought I'd spread the news to those of you who, like me, never saw the benefit of paying $99 a year for Prime.