The Redbreast Review

The Redbreast  - Don Bartlett, Jo Nesbø

There might be spoilers in the comments because this is one of those books you'll want to talk about with friends.

I have it on good authority (*waves at Thomas*) that Harry Hole's last name doesn't rhyme with "goal". But who are we kidding. We're gonna laugh and snicker every time I mention Harry Hole in this review so go ahead and get it out of your systems. Harry Hole... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry to anybody I may have offended by being a dumb American. Speaking of being a dumb American, some of you might remember that, last time on E. Reviews, I said Herman Koch was Norwegian, but homedude is actually Dutch. Well, I did my research this time and I'm pretty sure that Jo Nesbø is... not Dutch. Pretty sure he's Australian.

(I just pissed off a fuckload of people lol)

Anyballs, before we get started with this review, I'mma drop some knowledge on you. Did you know that holding your ALT key and typing 0248 will get you that nifty O with the slash through it? Here, look...

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Well, fuck...

Okay. Balls. Um. On with the review, I guess.

There's a damn good reason Jo Nesbø's The Redbreast was chosen by the Gods of Literature for translation into English (Not Americanese, but actual English, as witnessed by the 'single quotation mark' and not the "double". Also, there's a bunch of U's in places there shouldn't be: honour, colour; and a few S's instead of Z's: realise and such. Have I upset enough people yet?). Yes, there are two books before this one in the Harry Hole series and they have since been translated as well, but The Redbreast was the first to be translated. No, I have not read the first two books, and from what I've heard you don't have to start with them. A little birdie told me (*waves at Tigus*) that I should start with The Redbreast, because it begins a loose trilogy. And that's what I did. I did not feel like I had missed anything. It felt like I was reading a first in a series. So how do I know that there's a good reason The Redbreast was translated. Well, because it rocks. That's why.

The Redbreast has multiple timelines and a large cast, so if that kind of thing dries up your nu-nu, maybe pass on this book. But if that sort of shizzle turns your underdrawers into a splash pad, well I suggest you read this motherfucker. I dig all that shit. Hopping back and forth between past and present? Mm-hm. Jumping to a different POV almost every chapter? Oh yeah, baby. Plot twists? Somebody get me a towel.

I will say that, close to the end, maybe the last fifty pages or so, I was as confused as a panda with a mirror. (Am I white? Am I black? Am I asian? Does it matter? What is life? I'm hungry, yo. Where the leaves at?) But everything became clear. I'm not going to spoil anything for you because the explanation for how the twist works is ingenious. If you read this book (or if you already have) we'll talk in the comments. Now you know why I started the review off the way I did.

The last ten pages are grade-A thriller material. A race to the finish that had me hanging off the bed in my anxiety. But, overall, this entire book is a lot of fun. I'd definitely recommend this one to anybody who loves a well-told story.

In summation: Harry Hole is a damn fun character to run around after. I can't wait to jump into more of his adventures. Oh, and in case you're wondering, I gave this four instead of five because I'm leaving room for improvement. Not quite fanboying, but I can see myself leaning in that direction.

Final Judgment: This book is the bomb.

Shit, I forgot about the SELF DEST-

Hehehe... I'm so fucking cheesy. Later, guys and gals.