Randomized Randomocity #173

Been feeling a bit down lately. Nothing really wrong. Just stuck in the blahs and I can't seem to drag my ass out of it. Mid-life crisis maybe? Dad lived until he was 70. As of today, I'm half that. Seems possible. This is why you've only been seeing videos and reviews from me. No other posts. Don't feel up to anything else. I even started back at the gym this morning to see if I could kick start some endorphins. That didn't work either. Now I'm not only depressed, but depressed and sweaty. Nothing worse than a melancholy perspirer.


Usually when I get depressed I write and it helps knock back the demons for a while. Not so much this go around. I have fuckall to complain about. My family and home life is as terrific as ever and I'm making a living doing what I love. I know depression doesn't have to have a cause, that I can feel down for no reason whatsoever, but normally there's a trigger. I keep saying shit like that... usually... normally... as if there's some kind of standard I can measure this by. Whatever's hanging over me needs to fuck off. I got shit to do.


This post is pointless, really. Sometimes just writing my feelings out and posting them for everyone to see helps. At this point, I'll try any damn thing. The doldrums suck, yo. 


*hugs and high fives... even if I am a little less energetic than usual*