OTHERS & ODDITIES will be delayed a week

Others & Oddities - Edward Lorn

My new short story collection was set to drop on August 25, but I'm still not comfortable with the final product. Proofreading continues to find small errors and formatting issues. Because of that, I've decided to postpone the collection's release until the first Tuesday in September, which happens to be the first day of the month. 


Furthermore, I would like to take a moment and reveal the price of the collection, as well as some info on the physical copies. 


Others & Oddities will be $0.99 until the first Friday after its release. Meaning, if it drops on September 1, the sale will end on September 4. After that, the collection will revert to its regular price of $3.99.


Signed copies of the hardcover go on sale in November. The trade paperback edition will likely come out the same week as the hardcover. Audiobook is to be announced. Still trying to find the right narrator for all the stories.


Thanks for your attention and continued support. 


*hugs and high fives*