Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit Mini Movie Review


Jack Ryan: Into Darkness... I mean, Star Trek: Shadow Recruit... er... That poster is confusing me...


I'm not a Tom Clancy fan. I think that's why I liked this movie as much as I did. If you traipse over to IMDB you'll find people complaining about the modernization of Jack Ryan's world and how this is obvious war-on-terror porn. Considering Clancy wrote cold-war porn, his fan's vitriol makes me giggle. Chris Pine and Keira Knightly were good, but Kenneth Branagh was great. Kevin Costner was Kevin Costner. Dude's like Tom Cruise, he plays the same character in every movie: himself. There are unintentionally funny moments, like when Jack falls from the ceiling onto his attacker, but mostly the action is frenetic fun. The entire thing reminded me of a Jason Bourne movie, so if you dig that kind of thing, you should dig this.


In summation: It won't be winning any awards, but it doesn't deserve the Clancy-fanboy rage either. If you don't like the author, there's a good chance you'll like this movie. 


Final Judgment: Better than a Michael Bay flick but not as good as one from Paul Greengrass.