Operation: Clearing Out My Audible Library

A Game of Thrones  - George R.R. Martin, Roy Dotrice

I was once a huge fan of the HBO show. After a certain someone died, the show grew stale and boring for me. Anyway, back when I was a raging fanboy of the show's and I didn't realize that Daenerys was supposed to be a preteen, I bought all the audiobooks. Because I paid for them, I can't just NOT listen to them. I'm too OCD for that shit. So I'm going through on x3 speed while playing the new RTS game I bought for my tablet. I call this Cruise Control. It's yet another reason I'm able to read as much as I do and still have time for family and writing. 


Concerning the book: All of Daenerys's chapters so far have been disturbing. I can't image writing sex scenes involving a 13 year old, but Martin does it as if he means for it to be tantalizing. I can't get her age out of my head. I'll be glad when

Drogo dies, and then I won't have to listen to that shit anymore.

(show spoiler)