Reading progress update: I've read 353 out of 849 pages.

11/22/63 - Stephen King

The final book on my Stephen King reread. That's all 36 of King's standalone novels and a few of his collections since October of last year. After I finish 11/22/63 this month, I will draw up my final A Decade with King post and move on to something else. It's been so much fun discussing my life and how King has influenced it with everyone. I'm going to miss it. I suppose that's why I've taken my sweet time with these last three books. 


Anyway, this reread is just like my first read. Not loving it. Not hating it. It's readable, but the novel spins its wheels in the middle. That's where I am now - kicking dust and gravel out behind me as I attempt to gain traction once more.