Happy Thanksgiving (I'm Grateful for You)

I may or may not be here for Thanksgiving, but I wanted to make sure I got to say thanks to everyone who matters, so I've scheduled this post for today. If I do not respond to comments, please do not think I'm ignoring you. It only means I'm not around to comment. 


Career wise, 2015 was the best year I've seen. Sales of my work have gone from sporadic to steady, and I only have you guys to thank. I rely entirely on word of mouth for my independent releases. I do not buy ad space, nor do I spam readers. You've proven to me (and anyone else who's watching) something that I've known all along. You do not need to invade someone's space or spend thousands on promotional materials to succeed in this business. 


To everyone who has taken on the task of making my work the best it can be (Matthew Pontiff, David Antrobus, Gregor Xane, and everyone at or associated with Red Adept Publishing), you have my undying appreciation. To all my beta readers, thank you for being my first line of defense. 


To everyone I worked with this year on past, present, or future projects (Craig Saunders, Evans Light, Jason Parent, Kealan Patrick Burke, Adam Light, and again, Gregor Xane), I hope our collaborations continue. 


To everyone who has enjoyed my work, no one's happier than me that it worked out for you. To everyone who hated my work, thank you for making me want to do better next time. To everyone who has ever spent their hard earned money on my offered distractions, a profound Thank You.


From my house to yours,


Happy Holidays.