Palisades Park - Alan Brennert

UPDATE: The original review says I bought this for $6. That is an error. The price in this post is correct. 


Sorry about the double posts today. I thought I scheduled The Fold post for yesterday, but that obviously went wrong. Oh well. Life goes on.


I do a lot of bargain-bin and thrift-store shopping. When I come across a good book that I spent very little on it just makes that book seem that much better. While Palisades Park wasn't one of my quarter finds, a brand new hardcover of this book was only $3 marked down from $5.95 which was even further marked down from the original price of $25.99. I don't math good, but that's one helluva discount for a book I would have gladly paid $26 for, had I known how good it was.


Because I found this one for such a low price, I went out and purchased both of the author's previous books for full price. 


Original review.