Storm Front Review

Storm Front - Jim Butcher

Storm Front is a good first book in a series. It gives just enough information about its characters to keep you engaged, and these characters are both unique and well-drawn. My favorite of the bunch (so far, anyway) is the talking skull, Bob. Now I know where Kadrey got the idea for Kasabian in his Sandman Slim series.

The elevator scene rocked. Probably my favorite section of the book. I also appreciated the first crime scene. Mainly because I'm a gorehound. Love a good aftermath scene.

Probably my only complaint is something that a lot of people will more than likely appreciate: The derivative P.I. storyline. I don't care how much magic you tack onto that trope, it's still the same old shit. P.I. does a job the cops won't touch (or don't believe in) and ends up saving the day by the skin o' his teeth while making enemies of friends before eventually clearing his name. It's fun, but the genre calls for certain elements that make the story predictable and cliched. Fact is, if you like this kind of read, you will like this book. If you feel there's nothing new to be written about in the world of private investigation, you'll likely feel very meh about this book.

In summation: The skull rules and Harry drools. The series supposedly reaches its stride come book three, so I will at least read until then. I'd recommend to anyone who likes to investigate privates.

Final Judgment: Same old meat seasoned differently.