Cover Reveal for MARGINS! ... and an Update on 2016

Hello Everybody


Last year I mentioned that I would have a free story up every month this year that you could choose whether or not and how much to pay for it. That idea has fallen through. My sincerest apologies. That being said, it doesn't mean these stories are not coming out every month. Here's a little update on what is happening with my work in 2016 and beyond.


The publishing world is a mercurial market. To keep my head above water, I have to adapt and change with growing trends and what sells. Luckily, I love telling stories, no matter the genre, which I hope to prove to you over the next 12 months. Yes, I'm primarily known as a horror writer, and my horror novels and stories will continue to come, but I'm branching out. In some cases WAY out. 


I should have a short story/novella release every month this year. Each one in a genre I haven't published in before. Whatever sells the best will get the majority of my attention in 2017. Yes, even romance. Even though the Romance title I have coming out is somewhat different than your everyday love story, I feel I've maintained the staples of that genre. Everything published this year (aside from my horror novel release) will be $.99. Some will be just under 20 pages, and others will be more than 60 pages. All of them will be in a different style and genre. 


I've already taken up too much of your time, so I will end with this. "Come", the first story of the year, comes out in three days (January 26). It is a darkly comedic piece of literary fiction. Directly on the heels of that one will be my take on a love story, which is entitled "Margins". It is a longer short story (cover reveal below), and it should be out the week before Valentine's Day. 


Thank you for your support and patience while I deal these growing pains. 


*hugs and high fives*




Oh, and here's the cover reveal I promised.