Cry Havoc Review

Cry Havoc - Simon Spurrier

The last comic book I read issue by issue as it came out was the death, funeral, and return of Supes. Every comic I've read since then, I've gone all Netflix-binge-watch and waited until the omnibuses came out. I can't fucking help it, all right? I'm impatient by nature. Hell, it's the whole reason I'm an author. I don't want to wait around for someone to tell me my favorite types of stories, so I tell myself.

And then came Cry Havoc. And I am in love. Why? Because of a lesbian werewolf. No, not an Adam-and-Eve lesbian. A real person who identifies as lesbian. A fully-realized human being who isn't reduced to a sex act or who they sex upon. And yes, had this been about a gay werewolf, I would have been just as excited to read it. The thing is, this hasn't been done before. At least not to my knowledge. We've had loads of gay vamps, a lesbian Frankenstein's monster, a guy who writes about every news story being pounded in the butt, but I've never seen or read about a lesbian werewolf. Like Jeffrey Dahmer once said, "I like trying new things." (Too soon?)

I sought out this series because I saw the cover on Twitter. When I read the synopsis, I knew I had to have it. The best part about this comic is the art design. Gorgeous. Just fan-fucking-tastic. And guess what? The story, so far anyway, is great too. It's non-linear and time-jumpy. I dig that shit. It's my Precious.

Side note: I don't drive because my back issues have rendered my right foot damn near unusable. My interest was so piqued by this series that I had someone drive me two hours round trip to procure the first issue. With gas money included, the first issue cost me $15. Luckily I found #2 locally, and I have my local store holding all future issues for me. Win.

In summation: If you like stories that are told out of sequence, you should dig this. If you like your characters left of normal, you should dig this. If you're offended by masturbating Norwegians, you should probably skip this... more on that in my review of issue #2.

Final Judgement: Worth every penny of gas money.