Cry Havoc #2 Review

Cry Havoc #2 - Simon Spurrier

Ah, there's nothing better than a masturbating Norwegian constantly jerking it under cover of helmet. The fact that he's an animus who changes into a massive, terrorist-rending battle boar is the icing on the cake. This dude's name is Ottar (there's supposed to be a straight line [a macron] over the O in his name, but I can't find the alt code for it), and he's the best thing since Rice Krispies squares dipped in Nutella. You haven't tried Rice Krispies squares dipped in Nutella? What the fuck are you waiting for? While you're out procuring those tasty items, drop by your local comic shop and pick up this series.

Issue #2 is even better than the first one, and has a unforeseeable ending that made my jaw drop. I am really digging this series. The writing is on point, and the characters are all fun and unique. I can't wait for issue #3 to drop next month. Waiting 30 days between issues is a motherfucker, but so far worth it.

In summation: A masturbating Norwegian battle boar. Enough said.

Final Judgment: Second verse better than the first.