Gregor Xane is a sexy man with loads of writing chops. He's the best technical writer I personally know, and is one of the most imaginative people I've ever come across. His work is surreal and clever, yet written in such a way as to promote understanding and ease of reading. 


That being said, he's got a book on sale. I suggest that, if you've not already purchased it, you buy THE HANOVER BLOCK for a buck and read it. It's fucking weird and amazing and you'll likely never read anything else like it as long as you live. It's one of the best novellas I've read. It's also the piece that made me fan of Gregor's work.


Yes, I am good friends with Gregor. He's been a supportful buddy through hard times, but this has nothing to do with that. The above statements are my unbiased opinion. If the book sucked, you wouldn't be reading this post.


Buy the book here: