Hell's Muse

Hell's Muse - Jack Wallen,  Jack Wallen Okay, full disclosure: Jack and I know each other, and yes, he's even reviewed one of my books. This in no way effects my judgment. If the book was bad, I would simply not review it. I have a reputation for being brutally honest, and I will not sully that by shilling a review for a fellow author.

Hell's Muse is a piece of unflinching horror fiction. Jack tackles some rather controversial subject matter that ranges from the state of publishing today to the fallacy of religion. With a price tag of $6.66, Jack's not trying to hide the fact that the book challenges all things religion, even going as far as calling the "Word" a lie. If that's not your thing, skirt this book like the plague. Jack's writing will offend you.

The book is a challenge to read. Not that the writing's bad, don't get me wrong, but Jack Wallen makes you think. He's not going to hold your hand in this novel. Hell's Muse is a Russian doll. Once you pull the top off, you find another item underneath, then another under that. The novel is a book inside a book inside a book... and so on. The depths of the layers is astounding. You have to pay attention or you will wander off into the woods and lose your way. I love books like this, ones that challenge my reading comprehension. When you get it - really, really, GET IT - you can't help but feel a little proud of yourself. It's like piecing together a puzzle with over a thousand pieces.

I've read Jack's Zombie series, his Fringe Killer series and even the Shero books, but this book, Hell's Muse, towers above the rest. I was definitely impressed.