The Wraith: Welcome to Christmasland #6 - Joe Hill, Charles P. Wilson III

Mo' frakkin' yeti and mammoths stampeding, yo!


I'm pleased with this final chapter (there is one more issue, but it's an epilogue), and I don't think it could've ended any better. Sykes (Geek King) went out pretty much as I thought he would, and Manx proved to be just as sly and sneaky as ever. 


I dig all the little details throughout this series, like the heads of familiar characters hanging from the big tree in the center of town like ornaments. Having the blood coming out of the shot moon like red clouds was pretty rad too. Overall, this series is truly unique, one of the best features of the source material NOS4A2 is the ceaseless imagination of its creator. Though the subject matter is for an adult audience, you can't help but feel like a kid while reading Joe Hill's stuff. He's retained that childhood magic and sense of wonder, and I love that about his work.


In summation: A fitting closer to the main story that makes me wonder if there'll be another series after this one. Christmasland is one of those ideas that could go on forever, if done right... or perhaps some other inscape...