The Mole People Beneath the City - Evans Light

This is probably my second favorite story from Evans Light. I really dig the premise, and would love to see it expanded upon, maybe even as far as novel length. It reminded me of the what-ifs posed in Preston and Child's RELIQUARY, a book I had big fun with. 


My only complaint is a typical one when it comes to really good short stories: I wish it were longer. Other than that, THE MOLE PEOPLE BENEATH THE CITY is well-written, flawlessly edited, and brimming with creepy ideas. The "countdown" kinda shows the author's hand too soon, but there's nothing really wrong with that. You're still left with a decent amount of dread concerning the fates of those who are taken.


In summation: A creepy little piece of fiction based on the urban legends surrounding the miles of unused and forgotten subway track beneath New York City. Recommended if you need to kill fifteen or twenty minutes.