Jack & Mr. Grin Review

Jack and Mr. Grin - Andersen Prunty

I listened to this one, which is narrated by the author. First thing I'll note is the melatonin-laced delivery of Andersen Prunty. Throughout the entire audio book, Prunty seemed on the verge of coma. I could see him, bracing himself on his desk with his elbows, his head held up by a ruler jabbed into his brow to keep him upright as he fought wave after wave of imminent slumber. Him popping Ambien like M&M's. In other words, the fucker sounded sleepy. 


I decided to listen to this book solely based on the cover and title. I enjoyed Prunty's Fuckness so much, I decided to look up some of his other books. I had a spare Audible credit, so I thought, "Why not?" I do not regret my choice, but I am left wanting a bit more. Not that the story wasn't long enough. I simply feel that Prunty missed some opportunities. 


The first three quarters of Jack & Mr. Grin go by at a snail's pace. Add to that Prunty's Rip Van Winkle impression and not even a hardline of caffeine and crack could keep someone awake. Damn book is only 4 hours and 15 minutes long, but it took me a week to listen to the whole thing. If it wasn't for the imaginative final hour of this book, it quite possibly would have been a two-star read for me. I loved the butterflies and the train, as well as the final fight, but everything else felt so damn lackluster. Like a golden room covered in primer. The idea was there, but loads of filler buried it. I wanted more of the other world. That shit was fun. That's what I signed on for. In the end, I felt as if I drove to Orlando, walked across Disney World's massive parking lot, took the train to the front gates, and then found out the park would be closing in ten minutes. 


I am disappoint.


In summation: This might be a better read than it was a listen, but I can only comment on the audio book. Given more time in the alternate world, I might have enjoyed myself more. I wouldn't recommend this one, but I will be checking out some of Prunty's other books. Just not in audio.