Bloodeye Review

Bloodeye - Craig Saunders

Let's start with a partial quote from the book: "...because they were full of memories and memories are big fucking weights that sit on your mind and push down your shoulders."


I really, really  like that line. 


Bloodeye is my first experience with Craig Saunders's work. Dude is seriously talented. His sentences are bullets fired from a high-powered rifle. He does quite a bit of work with fragmented sentences, but I think they add to the urgency of anything horror or thriller related. I know some readers don't dig fragments, so consider yourselves warned. I found they fit perfectly here, and helped in creating a flow to the text that made this novella impossible to put down.


I have almost nothing bad to say about this book other than I did remove half a star because I wasn't completely thrilled with the ending, but that's only because I saw it coming way too early. It's not a twist, per se, but it was rather obvious where this tale was going to end, and that did detract from my overall enjoyment, albeit only slightly.


With that being said, I did like how everything came full circle. Mainly, I'm talking about the running. Seemed to be a theme throughout the book, both figuratively and literally. Books with themes simply do it for me, and I especially liked Saunders's take on shadows and memories. I have my own subjective reasoning for that. 


In summation: Bloodeye was a terrific introduction to Saunders's work for me, and I will be looking up one of his novels very soon. Highly recommended for readers who like thematic horror with a concise message.


*I recieved this book for free in return for my honest review, which you have just read. Thank you to DarkFuse and NetGalley for allowing me the chance to express my opinion.*