Devil in the Dollhouse Review

Devil in the Dollhouse - Richard Kadrey

Pardon me while I geek the fuck out...


*flails around like the T-1000 in an industrial-sized smelting pot*


Fuck yeah! This! This is why I love the Sandman Slim series. Yes, the third book did not live up to my expectations, but this one went back to what made the series fun to begin with. Action for days. Twists around every corner. Vulgar, sarcastic dialogue and narration. And I'm actually excited for the next book, which I wasn't after finishing Aloha From Hell. To top it all off, I realized why I disliked the last book as much as I did. Too many feels. Too many questions. And, of course, it took Stark over half the fucking book to make it to Hell. I'm down with character development, but not an entire book of it. The action in AFH was too little, and the drama was too much. What should have been fun urban fantasy turned into some weird amalgamation of literary fiction meets Buffy the Vampire SlayerDevil in the Dollhouse fixed all that. 


Narrator MacLeod Andrews is as fantastic as ever here. I highly recommend this series on audio book. 


In summation: If you disliked Aloha as much as I did, don't give up on the series yet. This novella has more action and story than the entirety of the last novel-length venture. So, so looking forward to Devil Said Bang now. 


Geek-gasm over. I think I need a towel.