By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain

By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain - Joe Hill BY THE SILVER WATER OF LAKE CHAMPLAIN Review Now THAT was a fun ride. This one brought back memories of Amazing Stories, not to mention the Bradbury tale, "The Foghorn", which, I'm sure, was intended, because this story was first published in a tribute to Bradbury. Being that "The Foghorn" is one of my favorite literary shorts, I dug Hill's ode very much.
What makes Hill's version even more endearing than the original is that he's replaced the old men and their lighthouse with ten-year-old kids on a foggy beach. I'm a sucker for stories about children, and Hill managed to capture the magic of youth perfectly. 
I think this is now my second favorite Hill story, number one being the highly inventive and imaginative "Pop Art" from his collection 20TH CENTURY GHOSTS. Joe Hill's imagination seems fathomless, and there's a good reason he's near the top of my pile of favorite authors.