Different Seasons

Different Seasons - Stephen King It all starts with Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, wherein the Mangler is mentioned in passing.

Then you move on to Apt Pupil, wherein a banker who went up the river for killing his wife is mentioned by Dussander.

When you round the corner into The Body, you're gifted with four boys wondering if they're going to end up in Shawshank because they trespassed at the local junkyard.

Until finally coming across The Breathing Method, a story that does not mention Shawshank, but the "club" herein does pop back up in a different story entitled "The Man Who Wouldn't Shake Hands" circa Skeleton Crew.

These are four of King's best novellas. Three of them have been turned into movies, and I would think that the final one will never be filmed. It's just not a cinematic story. I do love that King dedicated The Breathing Method to Peter Straub and Straub's wife, because the story reads and feels a great deal like Straub's masterpiece Ghost Story.

The afterword explains a great deal about how King became a "horror writer" and the time frames in which all these novellas were written. As an author myself, I liked the afterword quite a bit.

In summation: This is my favorite collection of King novellas, and you should read it. Highest recommendation.